We recommend you guys to experience watching OPM artists in live performances for you to be able to appreciate them and be blown away with their talents.

Want some samples? Here are some awesome performances of Yeng Constantino taken in Magic 89.9 25th Anniversary. May it be an original song or a cover song, Yeng really stands out, she’s giving you more reasons to like not just her but also her music.

Jeepney Love Story, an original song written by Yeng and the first carrier single of her 3rd album Lapit (reached the Gold Record Award).

Rolling in the Deep, an Adele original, an awesome cover by Yeng Constantino.

Esem, a Yano original, song included in her latest album Yeng Versions Live!

Who’s not excited to watch Yeng’s live performance? Isn’t she amazing? We’re excited about her upcoming concert after her successful major concert last year in Aliw Theater (Rakenrol Jamming).

This year, she’s promoting a  pre-Valentine concert, ”OK LANG MAGING SINGLE SA VALENTINES” on 3 Feb 2012 (8pm) in Music Museum, with special guests: Paolo Valenciano and Jovit Baldivino.

Check out www.ticketworld.com.ph for tickets.

2500 (Orchestra Center) | 1500 (Orchestra Side) | 1000 (Balcony)

We’re excited about covering Yeng for the first time on a full length concert. We’ve covered the recording of Yeng Versions Live! in Teatrino for MMGI  (Photos HERE) and its always been nice seeing her after finding out that she’s very accommodating and pleasant especially to her fans. 

Let’s support the Rockoustic Princess Yeng Constantino as she will be serenading you on 3 Feb 2012, "OK Lang Maging Single sa Valentines."

Videos by Magic899TV.

Photo by VerJube Photographics
Yeng Versions Live! Recording | Teatrino | 17 June 2011

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