OK Lang Maging Single sa Valentines: Our Favorite Yeng Constantino Shot
03 Feb 2012 | Music Museum  

Hope you’ll love this capture in as much as we do, she’s gorgeous. Now let me say it out loud.. OK Lang Maging Single sa Valentines!!!

Sorry for the delay, we’ve just posted Yeng’s OK Lang Maging Single sa Valentines photo set viewable through VerJube Photographics’ Facebook fan page in this LINK. Great to choose 14 out of more than a thousand we’ve captured in the concert.

We are looking forward to see more of Yeng’s performances soon, we loved her facial expressions and emotions while performing. She’s talking about some Teatrino gig soon (fingers crossed), watch out for that guys and continue to support her. Yeng loves you Yengsters and all the Yeng supporters. See you again soon Yeng! ;)

Backtracking my posts:

  • Recommending Yeng’s music HERE.
  • VJP’s photo teaser of OK Lang Maging Single sa Valentines HERE
  • Yeng’s kilig moment with Paolo V. HERE.
  • Spotted artists in Yeng’s concert HERE.
  • Yeng’s AVP played in the concert HERE.
  • Yeng’s version of Alicia Keys’ If I Aint Got You performed in the concert HERE.

And VOTE for Yeng as your FAVORITE FEMALE ARTIST and FAVORITE ARTIST in the 2012 MYX Music Awards.

  1. Camera: Nikon D90
  2. Aperture: f/4.2
  3. Exposure: 1/200th
  4. Focal Length: 82mm
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